Leaders Right Hand Turn

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Leaders Right Hand Turn starts in an open position. During the move the leader makes 180 degree turn in front of the follower on the first 3 counts and basic forward and back steps on the last 3 counts. The leader makes only basic forward and back steps.


Starting position: Open Position

Beat-by-beat On1:

Leaders Right Hand Turn

Count       Leader       Follower
1 Step forward on the left foot. Releases follower's left hand and lifts follower's right hand with his left hand just above his head. Step backward on the right foot while following with her right had leaders left hand to just above his head.
2 Start turning 360 degrees clock-wise on his right foot. Place your weight on the left foot (usually remaining in the same spot)
3 Finish the turn to face the follower while moving his left hand down to the original position and placing his left foot next to his right foot. Step forward with your right foot back to the original position
4 Pause Pause
5 Step backward with your right foot Step forward with your left foot
6 Replace the weight on the left foot (remaining in the same position) Replace the weight on the right foot (without changing the position of the feet)
7 Step forward with your right foot (back to the original position) Step backward with your left foot (back to the original position)
8 Pause Pause

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